The author of the blog, the honourable Daniel esq. is a twenty-something year old student on a personal quest to enjoy anything and everything that Barcelona has to offer as he spends his year abroad in the city he knows and loves. Continuing without the ever so pretentious third person, I’ll be living here for 9 months or so working in one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. Having friends scattered around the country I will be sure to travel around the country a fair bit as well, which should be a laugh!

Having spent time in Barcelona in previous years, I know much of what the city has to offer but, under no false pretenses, I know that there is so much more of Barça that I have yet to see, which is exactly why I write this blog; to share new experiences with all the hundreds of thousands out there whose main concern in life is how I’m getting on… Unoriginal it may be to write a year abroad blog, but the fact remains that it’s a great idea, and for anyone who fancies keeping up to date with my antics in Cataluña, look no further than my trusty blog!

Thanks for reading and enjoy.


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