Dan Rekindles the Spanish Friendship

Hello friends! Happy New Year!

The year is now 2014, a 4 now rests upon the mantle previously occupied firmly by a 3 for a total 365 days. For the Christmas period, I returned to the UK for a limited time only, enjoyed festivities aplenty in London with my dear family before seeing in the New Year in Salisbury with Abby at a dinner party of which she was the host and which captured the essence of sophistication effortlessly; I got drunk and spilt red wine over a family friend’s leg. Soon after the clock struck midnight, we esteemed guests – her nearest and dearest – took to the streets of Salisbury, generally got pissed and had ourselves a good time. With that it was 2014.

Not much has changed in my life during the early days of the New Year. I failed to see The Hobbit during my time at home which a very good friend of mine took as a personal betrayal, rightly so, given that we had planned for weeks to go together upon my return to London… Sorry, Richard. I developed a ferocious addiction to GTA V, ate copious volumes of chocolate, drank too much with(out) friends and went to see Anchorman 2 (about which I had mixed feelings) before defiantly going out the night before my flight back to Barcelona, returning home at nearly 5am and promptly attacking a full wheel of Camembert with a only single accomplice. One day, I am fairly certain that I spent over 12 hours straight playing GTA and had my meal of the day of a sole Jaffa cake (to maximise playing time, obviously), just to gauge the intensity of the addiction. ‘Why let yourself get so addicted to a game?’, I hear you ask. I see your question and raise you: ‘Have you played GTA V?! It’s GTA f***ing V!’ Yes, it was a healthy trip home that could well have killed me had I been back for a full month!

En route once again to Barcelona and somewhere between fairly and critically hungover (see above for ill-advised night out followed by excessive cheese consumption), I contemplated vomiting merely twice; once in the car on the way to the airport and once, far more earnestly, upon my arrival at Gatwick. Most fortunately, I managed to avoid all vom sessions, much to my relief. Proud of my accomplishment of not throwing up, I triumphantly hopped on the plane back to Barcelona and managed to survive the entire flight, feeling much better at that.

Anyway, not much has changed in my life in 2014 in Spain either. I experienced a short spell of insomnia, I have begun to lead a healthy lifestyle once more, living mostly off salad and paella, and a few days ago, became an exam invigilator, strangely enough. I really have done it all! People should come to me in an attempt to soak up all the wisdom I have to offer from my 21-year life, with all of this life experience of mine… I took a break from Spain, through no fault of her own of course, and I intend to enthusiastically rekindle our budding friendship. Picture us, me and the entire landmass of Spain, that is, strolling hand in hand down a beach somewhere exotic, chatting, laughing and having a good, old catch up as we walk into the distance and eventually out of sight. 2014 shall be a good year. Spain told me so.


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